Tutti Music Player - Practice & Play with Masters App Reviews

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This breaks the 4th wall... Complete control over who you're seeing AND hearing. Just wish there was more music on this thing... I saw the update with the tempo control... So fresh... And the pitch remains correct! But when will there be more music to check out?!?

Great practice app

This app is great for band directors and students to use to learn the music. I wish they had a bigger selection and the ability to see previous years music, but I live.

Love the new music!

The interactive video experience is really compelling and it's great to see the library growing. If you like finding music videos on YouTube - you'll love this!

Terrific for visual learners!

You can view multiple musicians at the same time. You can see multiple views of a single musician. You can isolate a track or even mute it to play along. A perfect learning tool for visual learners!

Great app to learn your part with and without the band.

Keep the upgrades coming!

Needs fix

First the good: the sound quality is excellent the sheet music is easily readable the ability to switch on and off different instruments is perfectly implemented. Now the major flaw as it stands the looped music has a definite several second gap before it restarts. This makes it's relatively useless if you want to jam along and work on your own beats or other musical parts. If this gap is corrected then the app would definitely deserve five stars please fix thanks


This is a transformational product for students and teachers that want to go deeper with their studies.


So fresh. So clean

This app is the future of music education.

There are so many ways to learn from this. Way to go Tutti.

Mind blowingly cool

I could (and will) spend hours with this app. Amazing idea well executed.

Brilliant, so many possibilities!

I've been playing jazz clarinet for years, this app is what I needed in high school! Now I'm excited to use it to study those licks that have gotten so rusty.

Could be great

When I first downloaded this app, it was working fine. But at this point it won't even get pass the loading screen without crashing. When it was working, it was awesome.

Berklee College of Music

We have been using the software version now for a semester in Groove Writing and will introduce it to Arranging 1 this summer and it has become the most powerful tool I have ever used to communicate styles to players and writers. To me this is an must have as a stand alone or a supplement to the Essential Grooves book. As a player I am using it to develop a more specific approach to playing styles…. AWESOME !!!!!!


It's great learning tool especially for those looking to play with accompaniment. Takes a different approach than most other training aids out there. Check it out.

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